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Marcel Pfeiffer
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T: +41 41 914 78 33
Bruno Bühler
T: +41 41 9147 235
Nino Gisler
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T: +41 41 9147 887
Heinz Stocker
T: +41 41 9147 256


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An der Ron 4
CH-6280 Hochdorf
Tel +41 41 914 72 00
Visually and ecologically convincing food packaging for chocolat, biscuit, convenience, salad, fruit or dairy, egg, and seafood products.
Our capsule solutions meet the highest demands in terms of dimensional accuracy, temperature and pressure resistance, thus pushing the limits of what is technically feasible.
We manufacture packaging for implants, tools but also secondary packaging under clean room conditions with sterilizable materials.
NETPAC is a ground-breaking packaging innovation that offers great savings potential in various application areas.
The printed cardboard combined with a thin plastic film offers the perfect packaging solution for your product.
A wide range of materials can be used to meet the various requirements of the processing operation.

Capsules made from renewable raw materials

Delizio coffee capsules are now made from at least 65% renewable raw materials.

We train
We offer a motivated personality a Apprenticeship as
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Respect, openness, professionalism and enthusiasm are the core business principles for the son of the company founder and the 280 employees.

Energy efficiency

Our company is committed to sustainable climate protection out of conviction. By voluntarily participating in the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry program, we are committed to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimising energy efficiency. The target agreement is recognised by the federal government, the cantons and partners in the business community.

Your contact partners in sales

Bruno Bühler
Direct dial: +41 41 9147 235

Nino Gisler
Key Account Capsule
Direct dial: +41 41 9147 887

Marcel Pfeiffer
Key Account Paper
Direct dial: +41 41 914 78 33

Heinz Stocker
Direct dial: +41 41 9147 256