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We are proud that our packaging "Smart Cups" by the client Mimic BV (Hero Group AG) has been nominated for the Swiss Packaging Award 2021 in the category Convenience.

Comment of the jury:
This portioning system for baby milk is not only convenient for parents, but also for the baby. Inserting the portion pack into the bottle belonging to the system is self-explanatory, and opening it is easy and safe thanks to the large grip tab. A unique feature is that the bottom of the portion pack contracts when the baby sucks. This prevents vacuum formation in the bottle, the baby no longer sucks in air, and cramps and burping are reduced. For the jury, this is a packaging system that implements convenience in a holistic way. (Translated)

Mimic BV (Hero Group)

The Swiss Plastic Recycler Association (VSPR) publishes its 2nd VSPR monitoring of plastic collections in Switzerland. The plastic collectors participating in the monitoring were able to increase their collection volumes significantly by 22% in 2020. 7,219 tons of plastic were collected. Of these, 93.5% were target items, i.e. bottles, cups, trays and films.

Source: VSPR

The trays are available in various designs. Depending on your needs, the thin plastic film can be partially or fully combined with a printed cardboard.

The inserted cardboard provides stability and offers enough space for your communication. After use, the packaging can be separated without residue and 100% recycled.

More information about Second Skin.


Marcel Pfeiffer will be happy to advise you with individual solutions for your product.

Marcel Pfeiffer
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For the production of the plastic, a natural oil from the resin of the pine tree (tall oil) is used instead of petroleum. Tall oil is produced as a waste product in the manufacture of pulp from wood, which is needed for the production of paper, for example. The use of tall oil results in an environmental saving of about 40% per capsule. (Source:

Did you know?

The biggest environmental impact in the production of coffee is the coffee itself. Therefore, the optimal dosage of coffee for a cup is enormously important.

More information about Delizio capsule, now with tall oil.

Become part of the new era in plastic recycling. Here you will find all the information you need: Plastik-Recycling: Start in der Migros Luzern | Migros


Are you not a Migros child? - No problem. You can also obtain plastic collection bags from and return them to some collection centers in Switzerland.

Committed companies from industry and commerce have launched PRISMA with the aim of realizing the circular economy for packaging in Switzerland. At the core of their joint commitment is the realization that only with joint strength can something be changed. In PRISMA, the members identify common issues that they want to tackle. By means of pilot tests, it should be possible to try out new things and learn new things.

For the circular economy to work, packaging must be recyclable. This starts at the design stage, where we follow the guidelines of the Design for Recycling Alliance. This means that packaging is designed to be 100% recyclable. This can be, for example, easy separability of the individual components or the use of plastics that are as widely available as possible.