Energy Efficiency

Our company is fully committed to sustainable climate protection. Our voluntary participation in the programme of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector confirms our commitment to the proactive reduction of CO2 emissions and the optimisation of energy efficiency. Our objectives in this respect have been acknowledged by the Swiss federal government, the cantonal authorities and our customers and suppliers.

CO2 Certificate

In order to achieve the ambitious targets for environmental protection the following projects have been implemented during the last 12 months:

In the buildings for administration, production and logistics the entire lighting has been replaced with LED. Thus, an important consumption of electricity has been eliminated by state of the art Technology.

The compressed air installation has been completed with new controlled compressors which compensate better the consumption peaks. The desired air pressure can be maintained very accurately and the installation works always in their most efficient range.

In the second expansion stage the tool cooling has been extended with a free-cooling installation. This installation offers massif economies of compressor performance.