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We take your ideas and bring ours to the table.

Close cooperation with the customer is the decisive factor for successful packaging development. According to the life cycle model, we analyse all the processes that the packaging goes through and define the requirements profile from this. Our 3D printer produces an initial hand sample overnight (using the FDM process). We build the prototype moulds with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM support. The pre-production series is used to validate the packaging. This data flows directly into the making of the mass production mould.

In our Inno-Lab, we take our customers on a journey and develop the perfect packaging with them.


Thanks to CAD/CAM integration, the mould designer adopts the packaging development data directly for the multi-use mass production mould.

Depending on the requirements profile, a simple and cost-effective separate-punching die concept or a high-precision integrated punched cut is used. The tool shop manufactures the deep-drawing moulds, the cutting dies and the stacking automation in-house. The final inspection ensures that the customer receives packaging that presents impeccably, protects securely and is also fine all around in terms of handling.

Deep drawing

Deep drawing plastic

The deep drawing or thermoforming of plastic films is the ideal process for producing thin-wall packaging that saves resources and can be disposed of in a space-saving manner.

The two-stage processing operation, film extrusion and subsequent moulding, offers many advantages over rival processes. Moderate tooling costs and a large degree of design freedom in terms of film structure are the most important plus points, in addition to the higher cycle rates.

The output capacity of modern thermoforming lines requires robot-assisted stacking technology.

Deep drawing aluminum

Deep drawing aluminum is an ideal process for producing thin-wall packaging that saves resources and can be easily 100% recycled.

In the two-stage packaging process, after rolling, the films are coated to customer specifications and then formed in a press. Due to relatively high tooling costs, the process is particularly suitable for products with high volumes. The aluminum packages are stacked and packed fully automatically.

NETPAC/NETPOT Deep drawing

The polypropylene mesh is formed in a two-stage processing operation. The mesh structure saves up to 50% plastic. The process is an important step in the area of sustainability, because the resource-saving packaging can be 100% recycled.


Medical/pharmaceutical products or packaging with high cleanliness requirements are manufactured under cleanroom conditions.

The installation complies with the ISO-7 standard according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and GMP Class C. The ISO 13485 standard represents the specific requirements for our quality management system in the field of medical devices. The production lines are equipped with film web monitoring and are regularly requalified by external partners.

Second Skin

By combining a wide variety of materials such as cardboard and plastic, an ideal and ecological alternative to plastic packaging has been created.

The combination with cardboard saves up to 80% plastic content. This without any restrictions in terms of shelf life and quality.


In order to meet the trend of "convenience", we can equip your packaging with cutlery solutions on request, such as plastic and wooden forks, spoons or bamboo sticks. These are automatically inserted and thus hygienically packaged.


The Netform technology we have developed makes it possible to produce a thermoformed part with up to 50% less plastic content. The two-step process brings a plastic mesh into a 3D shape. Our standard mesh is made of PP and is 100% recyclable.

Case Study


We take in your ideas and add ours. The close cooperation with our customers is the decisive factor for a successful development of packaging. Following the life-cycle model, we analyze all of the processes that packing goes through and consequently define the requirement profile. Our 3D printer is able to produce first prototypes overnight (FDM proceeding). With state-of-the-art CAD/CAM support, we construct the prototype forms. The pre-series acts to validate the packing. These data flow directly into the production of the series tool.

Here you can have a look of some successful developments:


An der Ron 4
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