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Deep drawing

Deep drawing plastic

The deep drawing or thermoforming of plastic films is the ideal process for producing thin-wall packaging that saves resources and can be disposed of in a space-saving manner.

The two-stage processing operation, film extrusion and subsequent moulding, offers many advantages over rival processes. Moderate tooling costs and a large degree of design freedom in terms of film structure are the most important plus points, in addition to the higher cycle rates.

The output capacity of modern thermoforming lines requires robot-assisted stacking technology.

Deep drawing aluminum

Deep drawing aluminum is an ideal process for producing thin-wall packaging that saves resources and can be easily 100% recycled.

In the two-stage packaging process, after rolling, the films are coated to customer specifications and then formed in a press. Due to relatively high tooling costs, the process is particularly suitable for products with high volumes. The aluminum packages are stacked and packed fully automatically.

NETPAC/NETPOT Deep drawing

The polypropylene mesh is formed in a two-stage processing operation. The mesh structure saves up to 50% plastic. The process is an important step in the area of sustainability, because the resource-saving packaging can be 100% recycled.