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Inauguration of the solar power plant

On Friday, 23 June 2023, we were able to inaugurate our new solar power plant in beautiful sunshine with representatives from politics, construction and the neighbourhood.

We were able to celebrate a significant milestone with the commissioning of one of the largest solar installations in the Canton of Lucerne. The plant consists largely of the innovative, lightweight plastic modules and thus marks a significant step in the field of renewable energies. This solar power plant underlines our commitment to sustainable solutions. The PV system was designed, planned and specially tailored to the conditions of the widely varying roof configurations under the leadership of Ampere Dynamic Schweiz GmbH.

By using lightweight panels, which make up 80% of the entire system, it was possible to maximise efficiency and at the same time massively reduce weight and installation costs. On a roof area of 18,000 square metres, the impressive output of 2,200 kWp and an annual yield of 2.1 gigawatt hours are achieved. The power generated by this system is equivalent to the annual consumption of 600 households consisting of four people, which contributes to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and to the achievement of Switzerland’s climate goals. As a large electricity consumer, we can use around 96% of the electricity generated for our 24/7 operations. The surplus energy is fed into the public grid.

“This major investment in renewable energy is a milestone for us and proof of our intensive efforts for sustainability, independence, self-sufficiency, but also location and job security,” says Reto Bachmann, CEO of the BACHMANN GROUP. Reto Baumeler, responsible for sustainability, adds “We are proud to contribute to the energy transition together with Ampere Dynamic and the use of innovative technologies and to consolidate our position as a pioneer in the industry.”

The additional electricity required has been exclusively green electricity from hydropower for years. Further expansion stages of the PV system are already being planned.