Polystyrol (PS)

High-Impact polystyrene (designation SB, i.e. HI-PS) is a mixture of glass-clear standard polystyrene and Budatien rubber. The butadien components cloud the foil opaquely. Modification, however, makes the manufacture of glass-clear types possible (e.g. styrolux or K-resin). HI-PS possesses high individual stability but becomes brittle from UV radiation. The chemical resistance to oil/grease is low, and this holds likewise for gas and steam barriers. Many special materials (flocked, electrically conductive, frosted) are deliverable. To compensate for the poor barrier properties, multi-layered foils like PS-EVOH-PE are implemented.PS can be used in a temperature range of -40° C to +70° C.

Technical trays, growing, culture and transport trays