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Plastic packaging at its best

As an experienced packaging manufacturer for food, we proactively advise you and come up with the plastic packaging tailored to what goes inside it.

Food packaging demands the highest standards of hygiene (FSSC 22000 certificate), shelf life, microwaveability, sterilisation and sealing ability, logistics and eco-balance.


Whether it is refined chocolates packaging or clever folding packaging for chocolate marshmallows: we develop the optimal plastic packaging for you that puts your product in the spotlight


The different material surfaces offer great design scope for biscuit packaging of all kinds. Textured surfaces are our passion in this field.


Through innovative packaging design, we are shaping the trend of portion packaging for the new style of catering. The films equipped with a high barrier extend the shelf life of the products inside them by the crucial days. + For ready-to-cook applications, we offer microwavable and ovenable solutions with CPET (up to 220°C) and polypropylene trays (up to 120°C).


Fresh, consumer-friendly, sustainable – we are always looking for the best solution for your food packaging. As a full-service provider, we make PET trays with integrated cutlery and deliver packaging that is pre-fabricated.


Transparent PET trays are the ideal showcase for your fresh product. The pre-portioned side dishes leave consumers spoiled for choice. All films are sealable and can be equipped with an anti-fog coating on request.


Innovative packaging processes extend the shelf life and quality of your cheese and dairy products. High-tech materials such as the resealable sealing film often provide the critical added value.


Many product innovations today are defined by the packaging. Show us your product idea, our packaging experts will help you develop the optimal plastic packaging – and sparks will fly.


For many types of berries, trays provide an optimal type of packaging. Our assortment of trays and containers/lids offers a comprehensive range of shapes and materials for the optimal presentation of your fruit.