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The printed cardboard combined with a thin plastic film offers the perfect packaging solution for your product.

The Paper-Tray or our Second Skin trays are available in various designs. Depending on your needs, the thin plastic film can be combined partially or fully with a printed cardboard. The packaging is residue-free separable and can be 100% recycled.

Second Skin light

In the "light" version, the cardboard only partially wraps the thin plastic film. This way, the packaging offers a lateral product view and additionally a printable surface for communication.

Second Skin full

In the "full" variant, the cardboard fully envelops the thin plastic film and provides a large surface area for communication. The thin plastic film can be produced with up to 50% less plastic.

Second Skin NETPAC

The printed cardboard combined with NETPAC offers the perfect packaging solution for your product. The 3D net structure is air-permeable and convinces with the dimensional stability even in the fresh area. The carton increases stability and offers enough surface for communication.


The Paper-Tray is material-optimised, MAP system-compatible and suitable for all common vacuuming and sealing machines. On request, the paper trays can be fitted with a label or banderole and are available with a Euro hole.